How is pain and suffering calculated in new york?

The multiplier method is the most used method in New York. The multiplier method requires that you first calculate the total amount of economic damages, including medical bills and lost wages. The multiplier that is used usually ranges from 1.5 to 5.One way to value pain and suffering economically is to analyze the costs that it has incurred. You can add up all those losses and then multiply them by a pain and suffering multiplier that will range from 1.5 to five.

The more serious the injury and the more egregious the other party's behavior is, the greater the multiplier you can use. Understanding how you can put a price on your pain and suffering will maximize what you'll get when filing a personal injury lawsuit. Damages for pain and suffering, also known as non-economic damages, represent an important part of many personal injury awards here in New York City. Pain and suffering are one aspect of general damages and it's important to understand how to calculate them when deciding to start a personal injury lawsuit.

It takes an experienced personal injury lawyer to make a strong case for fair compensation for pain and suffering. Another significant portion of the damages in a personal injury case is likely to include pain and suffering. While these are, broadly speaking, the headings under which pain and suffering can be considered, an experienced New York City car accident lawyer can help you identify the specific elements that apply to your personal injury case.

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