Can slips and falls be prevented with proper maintenance of walkways, stairs, etc?

Make sure that all ladders have sturdy railings, keep walkways free of cables and other obstacles, perform regular inspections for risks of slips and falls. You have to do all three things well (walkways, cleaning and design and maintenance) to avoid tripping accidents. Good cleaning is the first level and the most important (fundamental) in preventing falls due to slips and trips. Falls from a height, such as falls from ladders, ceilings, ladders, or jumps to a lower level, etc.

The manual also includes information on regulations, resources, and training requirements for personnel who use ladders, fall protection equipment, mobile motorized lifting equipment and other equipment, or who work on scaffolding. The use of fall protection equipment that is not approved by ANSI, such as climbing harnesses and associated equipment, is not allowed. Coating or replacing floors, installing rugs, pressure-sensitive abrasive strips, or adhesive paint coatings with abrasive padding and metal or synthetic covers can further improve safety and reduce the risk of falls. The remaining falls (30%) come from a height, such as falls from stairs, ceilings, stairs, or from jumps to a lower level.

Slips occur when there is very little friction or traction between the shoe and the walking surface. This fact shows that good cleaning, the quality of walking surfaces (floors), the selection of the right shoes and the right pace when walking are essential to prevent falls. Falls can happen anywhere; even office workers can be injured when they slip or trip over a level surface. In addition, elastic and non-slip floors prevent or reduce foot fatigue and contribute to slip prevention measures.

Good cleaning, the quality of walking surfaces (floors) and the right footwear are essential to prevent falls. Statistics show that most (67%) of falls occur at the same level as a result of slips and trips. However, some safety precautions can keep you safe and reduce the risk of falling and being injured in ice and snow. Statistics show that the majority (67%) of falls occur on a level surface as a result of slips and trips.

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