Can i get a cash advance on a pending lawsuit?

Cash advances for lawsuits allow you to request an advance based on the likely monetary outcome of your case. This money can amount to thousands of dollars and can help you pay your bills and continue to fund your lawsuit. As mentioned earlier, cash advances are ideal solutions for people who need money to be able to withstand a lawsuit. For example, if the lawsuit involves a person who was injured and was unable to work, a cash advance could provide security for the duration of the litigation.

Our customers use cash advances for everything from medical bills and mortgage payments to car notes and general living expenses. As a usual guideline, any amount below 3.5% per month is considered industry standard. Be wary of cash advance services for lawsuits that charge interest above 4%. You should also consider when you request a cash advance to file a lawsuit.

The sooner you file the request during litigation, the greater the reward once your case is resolved within a year or two. One sure way to protect yourself is to find the cash advance company that files the lawsuit with rates lower than 3% per month. Immediate funds for you to use however you want. Loans ahead of liquidation are generally described as “loans without recourse”.

This means that if you don't raise money in the lawsuit, the cash advance won't be returned. By funding lawsuits, we take the risk and you keep the cash. While anticipating cash by funding lawsuits involves inherent risk, our insurers are specially trained to assess the likelihood that the loan will be repaid. Rest assured, if we approve your funding request, we believe that you have strong arguments and that you will eventually recover the money for your lawsuit.

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